New Balance Minimus MT00 Minimalist Trail Shoes

The Minimus MT00 Trail Shoes are New Balance’s latest minimalist offering. I am a New Balance fan, and have been running in New Balance road shoes for a few years now. I am however a little disappointed to see that in less than a year of extremely light use, the material uppers have started to perish.

New Balance Minimus MT00 minimalist running shoesThe “00” refers to zero heel raise: the heel of your foot is level with your toes. The previous version had a 4mm heel raise.

I am wearing them as I believe they allow my feet, ankles and legs a free range of movement that will, in time, strengthen them. I am not at this stage convinced that I will ever actually run in them (even though after reading “Born to Run” I fully buy into the concept of running in minimalist footwear); for now I am happy to wear them on a daily basis going to work and gym etc.

I did wear them for the beach run in the Totalsports Terra Firma 2012. Both times I have done this torturous run I have debated whether it is better to run in shoes or barefoot. Each time I have opted to run in shoes. I still maintain you get far better traction wearing shoes when you hit the soft sand. I was very happy with this decision as the shoes performed as expected and even allowed me to run in the shallow water to gain some firmer sand.

The shoes were comfortable from the outset, and of course the Vibram sole offers superior traction as ever. The shoe is fairly good-looking, it would be nice if they could be available in a slightly more exciting color / design. I found that is I wore them with no socks, they  picked up a serious odour (none of my other shoes have ever become smelly, regardless of wear). I now wear them with my favourite socks, the Falke Hidden Cool.

A word of caution from the insert: “This shoe is designed as a minimalist product, with reduced cushioning and support … and is intended to promote a running technique having a predominantly midfoot ground strike. Such running techniques and products should only be introduced into a running exercise routine slowly to reduce the risk of injury that may occur when transitioning to and practicing different running styles”.

If that’s not enough, read my account of trying to wear a pair of Vibram FiveFinger Spyridons.

R1099.00 @ New Balance Store, Canal Walk

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