New Balance M860 v3

After allowing my pair of New Balance 860’s to deteriorate to a shameful state of collapse, I finally dragged myself off to buy a new pair of road shoes.

New Balance M860 v3
New Balance M860 v3

I popped in at The Sweat Shop in Claremont. I was seriously impressed with the knowledgeable service I received, and I will definitely be going back there in future.

I have been running in New Balance road shoes since I started running again a few years ago, and as I have had no problems with them, I chose to stick with what I know. However, after a month or two of infrequent running, I felt that something was wrong with my stride. After worrying about it for quite some time, I went to the New Balance store in Canal Walk, and got my answer: in this latest model they have made significant changes to the construction of the sole of the shoe. Epic fail. Simply does not work for me.

So, after years of being a New Balance fan, I will be looking for another brand of road shoe.

R1149.00 @ The Sweat Shop

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