Natural Instincts Easy Pitch Deluxe Gazebo

The Natural Instincts Easy Pitch Deluxe Gazebo is a heavy-duty portable shelter suitable for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities. It consists of a collapsible frame with a heavy-duty fabric roof, and screen walls. It is suitable for shelter from the sun and rain, but is not suited to anything stronger than a light breeze. We recently purchased an Alnet Storm Net to add stability to the gazebo.

Natural Instincts Easy Pitch Deluxe Gazebo

I was in two minds about buying this gazebo. I swore I would not return to Beaverlac until I had something to beat the heat of summer visits: it was either a larger tent or a gazebo. The gazebo seemed likely to be the more versatile option. My biggest concern is that the structure is not sturdy enough and that if it were to be caught in the wind, it would be all but destroyed. I could not find any online reviews that dealt with gazebos that put my mind at ease either.

On a recent trip to Algeria we got to test the gazebo in both rain and wind: it is fine in the rain but we took it down as soon as there was more than a light breeze. The sidewalls have a bottom skirt which would be far more effective if there were slightly more material that could be folded along the ground and weighted with sand or stones, or if there were loops for tent pegs. The same goes for the optional extra solid side wall. The sidewalls are surprisingly effective in keeping bugs out and were a huge asset on a recent trip to Die Mond.

  • the folding steel frame fully integrated into one unit
  • the roof is constructed out of heavy-duty, water-resistant 210D polyester fabric
  • the unit is 3m x 3m, and stands 2.85m tall in the centre

The name promises that the gazebo is easy to pitch, and it certainly delivers on this promise. Two of us had no difficulty at all in erecting it in a few minutes. We have subsequently managed to break one of the struts so be careful not to use any force at all when opening or closing the frame!

  1. Pull and extend the folding frame to about 95% open — take opposite corners and pull slowly apart
  2. Cover the frame with the fabric roof, fastening the corners with the sewn-in velcro
  3. Complete the extension of the frame, locking the roof into place
  4. Put the “nails” through each of the four feet
  5. Extend the first section of each of the 4 legs, locking each segment as you raise it
  6. Secure the roof to the frame with the velcro loops
  7. Extend the 4 legs fully, locking each segment as you go
  8. Extend and anchor the guy-ropes with tent pegs at each corner

You can purchase additional solid fabric side-walls for R299.95 @ Sportsmans Warehouse.

The collapsed gazebo packs away into a canvas bag that is complete with wheels.

All-in-all a great investment that goes a long way to making your camping experience more pleasant in a wider range of circumstances, adding protection from the sun and rain, insects, as well as offering some privacy from other campers in busy campsites!

R3000.00 @ Sportsmans Warehouse
R3000.00 @ Outdoor Warehouse

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