My Tru-Cape Kogelberg Challenge 2010

The Tru-Cape Kogelberg Challenge consisted of three distances: a 21km, a 10km, and a 5km fun run. The entry brochure stated: “For the fit and intrepid, run all three!”. Well, OK then!

The Tru-Cape Kogelberg Challenge was a superbly organised event in the small seaside town of Pringle Bay.

It was a prefect, warm summery morning in Cape Town as I shot down the N2 at dawn. The drive along the False Bay coast is absolutely spectacular, and set the mood for the day to come. The little village’s Community Centre was a buzz of activity as the organisers dealt with the large turnout for the day’s events.

21km Route

The 21km shot down the dirt road to the beach, onto the sand, and then left along the level hard sand, before heading back onto dirt road along the houses on the outskirts of the little village. The course then took to the tar road and up the hill toward Rooi Els. We then took a right, headed through a small dip, and then into a long, sustained gradual climb, leaving the tar after a few kilometers and back onto jeep track. This was the big challenge of my day, and I am pleased to say that I got down to business and ran non-stop to the top. This definitely was the make-or-break of my race!

From here we sped downhill on some fairly rocky, eroded jeep track back to the tar road  again, turning right to climb the short distance to the top of the hill, and then down the hill into Rooi Els. At the bottom of the hill, just before Rooi Els itself, we turned left onto gravel again as we ran along the coast past Hangklip.

Coming around the coast, we reached the outskirts of the village again, and headed down a rickety wooden boardwalk and some stairs onto the beach again, through the small river, and to the finish. This meant getting at least one foot wet, and I now know my Salomon XT Wings 2 are awesome even when waterlogged!

I finished in a time of 1h33 which is a personal best for me, knocking 15 minutes off my previous best (at the 2009 Grape Run, which was very similar in terms of terrain and gradient).

10km Route

I finished in 47min

5km Fun Run

I finished in 22min23sec, being solidly beaten by a bunch of barefoot little locals who tore off and were out of sight in minutes! Some future champions in the making!

All-in-all, I covered 35km in a time of 2h42m, at an average pace of 4:37: I am ready for The Otter African Trail Run!


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