Greyton Classic 2013 Trail Run

There are only so many routes on Table Mountain, fellow runners, and they can all be run for free any day of the week. It’s time for you to venture forth and see what else is on offer! The Greyton Classic Trail Run 2013: I am truly going to gush about this event!

I have taken part in this trail run previously, and remembered it as a fairly quick farm-road half-marathon. Not this year, oh no! Sunday morning saw the unveiling — or should that be unleashing — of a trail route that finally broke the common “run straight up the mountain and straight back down again” mentality of many local events.

This route had beautiful views and abundant fynbos. It took us up long runnable hills, and an even longer unrunnable (for me at least) hill. It raced down sweeping single-track, and across a flat section that tunneled through a brush section featuring everything from firm ground, to sandy ground to swampy ground. And to finish it off, a cruise up one of the grand old tree-lined avenues of Greyton.

I did have the previous day’s Greyton Classic MTB route in my legs and I was thankful for all 20-odd kilometers that I had chosen the short MTB route and not the long one! It was a great taste of things to come in the Big 5 Challenge which is looming on the horizon…

To complete a superior organisation effort, comprehensive results were posted online quickly for the number-crunchers, and photos made available quickly via Action Photo.

I only got chicked 3 times! There were 86 entrants.

All Cat Cat Name Time
1 1 SM Werner Daniel 01.43.18
10 1 VM Rupert Barnard 01.56.37
11 1 SW Martha Thom 01.57.10
24 8 VM David Fox 02.10.47


Greyton Classic 2013 Trail Run

Greyton Classic 2013 Trail Run

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