Mugging at Sandy Bay

I have not reported on crime on the mountain for some time. There have been a number of incidents this year. Please note that Noordhoek Beach (see previous report here) and the Sandy Bay area are hot-spots, and should simply be avoided.

Danger iconThis report received via email from the Table Mountain Safety Action Group:

Please take note of these reports and warnings from SAPS…


On 2012-05-07 at approx 17:30 the complainant and a friend were at the Sandy Bay beach when they noticed three suspects armed with sticks. The complainant’s friend ran away. The complainant was assaulted by one of the suspects and sustained injuries on his lower back and his nose. The suspect took his sunglasses and ran away.

SAPS would like to inform the community of these incidents, even though SAPS do their utmost to secure and patrol these areas, incidents still occur. The information that has been received is that the suspects are young boys and operate in groups, they will not hesitate to attack their victims.

There have been reports of theft and robberies on the Hout Bay beach as well with the same modus operandi, please take note that incidents were also reported where boys in school uniform were the perpetrators.


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