MOCKE Tail Flag

My previous tail flag perished after years of faithful service, so I scooted down to Tool ‘n’ Trade in Queen Street to buy a new one.

I came back with this funky MOCKE Tail Flag. It slides neatly over the tail of your surfski (or the rudder of your K1 or K2) and has an elasticated drawstring which loops around the rudder of your ski.

Top Tips:
  1. Remember: Any load that projects more than 1.2 m from the back of your vehicle or trailer must display a warning device.
  2. During the day you must display a red flag or similar suitable object at least 300 mm square. At night you must display a red warning light that is visible from at least 200 m away, OR at least two red reflectors capable of reflecting from the headlights of a following vehicle.
  3. At all times, all warning devices must be:
    • displayed at the very end of your load; and
    • clearly visible to other people.
  4. A load must not project more than 1.2 m in front of a vehicle’s headlights.

R135 @ MOCKE Paddling online

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