Falling out of a surfski is not the most fun, and getting back in quickly and safely with as little fuss as possible is priority. The MOCKE Paddle Leash makes it a whole heap less complicated as you don’t have to worry about letting go of your paddle.

“The Mocke Paddle Leash has been designed to ensure you do not lose your paddle out in the ocean. The lightweight design also means that your paddle stroke is not interrupted by the leash.”

The paddle leash is a fairly simple elastic cord that loops through an attachment on your ski and fastens around the shaft of your paddle with a velcro strap. I usually loop mine to my footstrap.

Paddling across Swartvlei during the X-Lakes Summer I stopped to assist someone who had fallen out of their K1. In a short few moments my paddle was out of sight, and I could only continue as the distressed person decided to withdraw from the race and offered me their paddle so that I could continue. Fortunately, the gent in the ski-boat who came to assist took the time and effort to search for my paddle and return it to me.

R65.00 @ The Paddling Centre
R95.00 @ Tool & Trade Knysna

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