Middelberg Waterfall

This short steep walk ends at a beautiful waterfall near the top of the deep kloof behind Algeria. An added bonus is that the trail passes through a (man-made) forest of Cedar Trees.

Getting there: from the Algeria gate office, walk through the campsite, crossing the Rondegat River, up the dirt road between the last campsites to the right of the main ablution block.
Difficulty: steep hike on well-maintained trail
Distance: 6km

After about 1.5km you will reach a fork in the trail just as it approaches a forest of Cedar Trees. Continue up the trail, ignoring the unmarked left fork (which takes you across the river and back down to Algeria). At about 2.4km you will leave the main route which continues upwards, taking the left at the “Waterval” signpost and heading into the gorge.

Shortly afterwards you will do some boulder-hopping as you arrive at the waterfall. The waterfall has a shallow pool at it’s base which is not deep enough to swim in properly which is a pity, but you can still cool off in it, and fill your water bottles directly from the waterfall with cold, crystal clean water.

We were there during the Easter long weekend, and the mood was slightly spoilt by a group of noisy youngsters which was a pity as it would have been nice to have some peace and quiet to soak up the views of the valley below. In addition to their inconsiderate and noisy behaviour, they were smoking — it really makes my blood boil when I see people behave like this in nature reserves.

On our return we took the fork mentioned earlier and returned via the equally good trail on the other side of the river.

Fork in path to Middelberg Waterfall Trail to Middelberg Waterfall Middelberg Waterfall, Cederberg Algeria from Middelberg Waterfall


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