Main Pool, Beaverlac

The Main Pool at Beaverlac on the Ratel River is an easy 400m from the campsite: it’s perfect at any time of the day for a quick cool-off.

Main Pool at BeaverlacGetting there: from the shop, head away from the direction from which you arrived, through the boom and along the road to the farm gate. Go through the gate and follow the path to the Ratel River.

As it is the closest pool, it tends to get a little busy. There is in any case very little space to sit comfortably, and practically no shade. I have been there late on a Sunday afternoon when only one other person was there, and it was blissful!

It is a stunning deep pool with a waterfall, and you can have plenty of fun jumping off the cliff into the water, or trying to climb the overhang next to the waterfall.

Please do not take glass to the pools.


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