Llandudno to Oude Schip

I bought the book “Walks with a Fat Dog” over the weekend. On a beautiful Cape Town Autumn Sunday, I decided to try my first walk from its pages…

Getting there: drive to Llandudno. Take the Fisherman’s Bend turn-off. I can only imagine that parking will be scarce here on a summer beach day! Distance: 8.5km

This is currently a mugging hotspot! See: May 2012June 2012March 2013,  May 2013

The trail leaves the southern end of the parking lot, and is well sign-posted. It is easy to follow, and well maintained, with boardwalks in some sections.

Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay

I had never been to the infamous Sandy Bay before (Sandy Bay beach has always been Cape Town’s nudist beach). The beach is a bit of a mess right now, with loads of smelly kelp lying rotting in the sun. There were three impressively large logs lying on the beach. Each had metal embedded in them — there must surely be a story behind them! Make your way to the far side of the beach, where you will have to pick the trail up again. Oude Schip is actually an island when the tide is in, so it may be worth checking the tides before setting out on your walk. If it is low-tide, cross over and explore the wreck of the Harvest Capella, a trawler which ran aground in 1986. You will also see the wreck of the BOS 400 which ran aground in June of 1994. [smooth=id: 26; width:600; height:400; timed:true; arrows:true; carousel:true; links:true; info:false; align:center; frames:true; delay:5000; transition:fadebg; open:true; text:Thumbnails;]

Vingerpol (Euphorbia caput-medusae)
Medusa’s Head

From the Oude Schip peninsula, the path goes straight up the slope toward a blockhouse-like structure, the Rocket House, which was constructed in 1913. You should find plenty of Medusa’s Head here; the normally drab succulent sports pretty flowers around July. Leave the Rocket house and continue up the slope to reach a jeep-track which leads to the dunes above Sandy Bay. You will reach a parking lot — the path leads to the left, back down to the shore. Once you reach the beach, return to the start on the same path.

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One thought on “Llandudno to Oude Schip

  • 10 February 2010 at 12:24

    I think we need to do this walk soon. One morning after a race will be a great way to ease the legs back into action….

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