Lion’s Head Loop

This is a quick walk around the base of Lion’s Head. I often do this as a light trail run — it’s great for anyone new to trail running as it offers some fun, technical single-track that is not too dangerous. This route was featured as a “Rave Run” in the March 2012 edition of the Runner’s World magazine where it was referred to as “Pat’s Track”. Please be aware that there have been numerous muggings on Signal Hill and Lion’s Head.

start of Lion's Head loop
Start of Lion’s Head loop

Getting there: take the Signal Hill road from Kloof Nek. A few hundred metres up the hill you will find the hut where the jeep-track going up Lion’s Head meets the road. Park along the side of the road.
Difficulty: easy walking on clear trail
Distance: 5.26km circuit

At the right-hand corner of the hut at the start of the jeep track going up Lion’s Head is a set of stairs heading up the slope; this is the start of your route.

The path quickly levels out, and you are now headed toward Signal Hill, with the road just down the embankment to your right. As you come around the corner, the Kramat (the tomb of Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Ghaibi Shah) will come into sight. The path goes left, over the hill, heading straight over to Sea Point. The path then forks — the left fork is an alternate route up Lion’s Head — you want to keep right. At this point it narrows, drops down the hill, and veers right for a bit, before switching back and heading in the direction of Camp’s Bay.

The path is fairly level for quite some time, and you will soon head into a stand of Gum trees, with houses just to the right of the path.

The trail continues round the slopes, before reaching another fork — stay left and head up the stairs into the stand of pine trees. Walk up through the center of the pine trees and back onto the path on the other side. There is a bench here in the shade of the pines.

Lions Head loop onto Kloof Nek
Lions Head loop onto Kloof Nek

You will soon enter what must be one of the most impressive stands of Silver Trees on the Peninsula. The path then drops down some zig-zags to Kloof Nek Road. Be careful if you are running: the path stops abruptly on the road and you don’t want to overshoot and end up as road-kill (if you have kids or dogs you will want to supervise them here)!

Cross the road and turn left, then follow the road up to Kloof Nek, turning left up Signal Hill the way you did when you arrived. You will pass the Table Mountain Information Centre which is on the right of the road; shortly after that take the small set of concrete stairs going up the bank on your left. At the top of the stairs the path turns right, and you will walk back amongst the proteas and aloes with the road down the embankment on your right.

Follow the path back to your starting point.

Lion's Head panorama


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