Liberty Medical Scheme becomes the new co-presenting sponsor of the Totalsports Challenge

When I first competed in the Totalsports Challenge in 2010, I was blow away by the event, and secretly hoped that one day I when I was big I would compete in the full Challenge. After competing in the 2012 Totalsports Terra Firma, I heard rumours that the event had lost its sponsorship, and would be discontinued. So I am super-pleased that not only is this not the case, but in fact sponsorship has just been strengthened with Liberty Medical Scheme coming on-board!

This press-release just in:



“One Team, Seven Challenges”

Event organisers are pleased to welcome Liberty Medical Scheme as the new co-presenting sponsor of the much loved Totalsports Challenge presented by Liberty Medical Scheme and REHIDRAT® SPORT.

According to Andrew Edwards, Executive Principal Officer for Liberty Medical Scheme, ‘Care’ is the central concept of the Scheme’s brand essence. “As care is at the heart of what Liberty Medical Scheme does, Liberty Medical Scheme takes time to listen, to pay attention to the details and really endeavours to put its members’ health and wellbeing at the centre of its business. Liberty Medical Scheme considers it a privilege to be a part of the Totalsports Challenge as health and fitness is a central concept to the Liberty Medical Scheme brand. It is proud to be associated with a challenge which inspires positive change and encourages individuals to lead healthier lives,” says Edwards.

Taking place on Saturday, 12 January 2013, adrenaline junkies can choose between the 7-discipline Totalsports Challenge or the less daunting 4-discipline Totalsports Terra Firma Challenge. Athletes up for a challenge can enter individually, while those who prefer team sports can enter as part of a two, three or seven member team for the Totalsports Challenge or a team of two or four members for the Totalsports Terra Firma Challenge.

Totalsports Challenge sponsors 2013


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