L’Agulhas, Cape Agulhas and the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Playing tourist in your own country is heaps of fun! On a recent trip to Arniston, we spent an afternoon exploring Struisbaai and Cape Agulhas. This southernmost stretch of the African coast is rugged and windswept.

Getting there: pass through Struisbaai and then all the through the little village of L’Agulhas.

I am not too certain on what the deal with the name is: it seems that the little village is called L’Agulhas, but everything else is referred to as Agulhas.

Drive down the gravel road on the sea-side of the Lighhouse to get to Cape L’Agulhas. Follow the signs, and park your car as directed, about 150m from the point. There is a well-constructed walkway leading to the beacon itself (work extending this board-walk was in progress when we visited). There is a beacon with a plaque announcing that you are at the southern-most tip of the continent of Africa: you definitely need a photo taken here!

Return to the entrance of the park and park at the lighthouse parking lot. The lovely lady at the info kiosk was very friendly and knowledgeable. Walk up the stairs to the lighthouse building itself, pay your R20, and get your safety lecture: the stairs / ladders really ARE steep and you need to watch your footing. Once at the top you go out the door to enjoy the view, and take a closer look at the light / lens itself.

There are ablutions in the same building as the info office, and there is a tea-shop in the lighthouse building.

On the way into town there is a signpost pointing up a road leading up the hill to a lookout point. The road soon becomes a dirt road, but the view from the top is worth the effort. I also had my first sighting of Protea obtusifolia, the Limestone Protea.




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