July 2011 Wrap-up

After a smashing (and by smashing I mean I smashed myself) marathon debut at the 2011 Knysna Forest Marathon, the rest of July was sadly fairly quiet, and August will have to see a huge increase in mileage as I gear up for the Otter African Trail Run 2011!

The author, David Fox, participating in the Knysna Forest Marathon 2011I finally ran my first marathon: the Knysna Forest Marathon. Unfortunately it led to some injuries, and the rest of July was fairly quiet with physio sessions, a trip to the podiatrist, and some much-needed gym work to straighten myself out again.

Accordingly, the highlights of the month were an easy hike from Llundudno to Oude Schip where the usually ugly Medusa’s Head was putting on a pretty show of flowering, and a weekend trip to the undisputed heartland of Cape Dutch architecture, Tulbagh.

The weather in the Cape has been unbelievable, and it is hard to believe this is winter. Heavy snows have fallen over large regions of South Africa, yet to-date the only snow I have seen was a picture-perfect dusting on the highest peaks near Tulbagh.

Tulbagh Country Guest House
Tulbagh Country Guest House


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