I found the iSpot site quite some time ago, but only actually started using it this week. Despite my best efforts, paging through my fynbos books, I am often unable to identify the plants I see. This site allows you to upload images and details of your sighting to the forum as an Observation. Other members of the site, fellow enthusiasts, are able to confirm your identification.

iSpot Observation page
iSpot Observation page

So, after visiting Olive Glen Mountain Farm where we spotted this guy, I suspected it was a “Blou uintije“. Not being certain, I uploaded the photo to the site. 3 days later the Observation looks like the image on the right.

The original details of the Observation were completed by me. The fun section is the Identifications section where other iSpot members contribute by confirming your identification or making alternative identifications. As you can see 5 people have confirmed my identification of this specific Observation.

I have since created a number of other Observations, and mostly receive confirmation within a few hours.

This site is an amazing resource and is lots of fun too!


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