Intex Queen Airbed

I don’t camp because I like to “rough it”, I camp because it is a fun, affordable way to enjoy the outdoors, and because in some places it is the only “accommodation”. Accordingly, I continually look to equipping myself with all the things that make it that much more comfortable.

Despite taking every care with my mattresses, I have just retired the second one, and have opted for foam camping mattresses. I have not yet had a chance to attempt patching either of them…

This very comfortable inflatable mattress measures 152 x 203 x 22 cm. It’s size and weight mean that you would not want to hike with it! However, it is perfect for camping trips and weekend outdoor music festivals, and of course it is perfect for when you need an extra bed for visitors at home.

You will need a pump to inflate it: I have both the small Intex 12V electric pump that runs off a car cigarette lighter, and an Intex Doublequick III dual action pump.


  • remember: if you have a smallish tent like I do, you are going to want to inflate it INSIDE the tent else you won’t fit it through the door once inflated!
  • please also check the floor of your tent for sharp objects that could poke a hole in your bed!
  • reverse your pump to deflate the mattress fully for easy storage

Be aware that I have seen this exact same product in retail stores for well over twice the price I paid at Pick ‘n’ Pay!

R199.99 @ Pick ‘n’ Pay
R299.95 @ Sportsmans Warehouse

Intex Queen Air Mattress
Intex Queen Air Mattress


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