“In Loving Memory of Angela”

I bumped into a gentleman near the start of the Bridle Path up Constantia Nek way a while back. He stopped and asked me if I knew of a rock nearby that bore a plaque in memory of an “Angela”. I had to admit I had never seen it.

Plaque in memory of "Angela"

Plaque in memory of "Angela"

And then today I chanced upon it coming down from Constantia Nek on my way down to Cecilia Forest, realising that I must have walked and run past it many, many times.

If you are walking from the Nek down, as you come to the highest part of the walk, you will find the rock with its plaque on the inside of a bend going to the left [S 34°00.195′, E 18°24.987′]. It has many smaller stones piled on top of it.

The plaque reads:

“In loving memory of
my darling
7.11.69 — 31.07.97
Happier than ever at this
peacefull spot on 30.07.97

My friend Jane knew Angela; she tells me Angela was young local woman who died tragically in a car accident.


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