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PlaceAreaDescriptionDecimal Degrees (Google)Degrees, Minutes & SecondsGPS (Garmin)Altitude (m)
1st crack Right Face - Arrow Face TraverseTable Mountaincritical pointS 33°57.462′,E 18°24.278′
2nd crack Right Face - Arrow Face TraverseTable Mountaincritical pointS 33°57.485′,E 18°24.311′
3 FirsPipe-trackTrail HeadS 33°58.526′, E 018°22.957'
3 First / Apostle PathTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°58.711′, E 018°23.317'
Break-pressure tankPipe-trackS 33°58.285′, E 018°23.056'
Cecilia WaterfallTable MountainWaterfallS 33°59.739′, E 018°25.015′389
Circular Picnic Bench on Controur PathTable MountainfeatureS 33°57.796′, E 18°26.315′
Constantia NekTable MountainParking lotS 34°00.677′, 018°24.366′
Contour Path StyleTable Mountainstyle on the contour path near King's BlockhouseS 33°57.108′, E 18°27.066′
Cul de sacCamps BayParking for hikes above Camps Bay (3 Firs etc)S 33°57.778′, E 018°23.057′
Dark Gorge summitTable MountainS 33°57.556′, E 18°26.007′
First Waterfall Ravine / Contour PathTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°57.267′, E 18°26.779′
Iron BridgeTable MountainIron bridge on Clayton's Road33°59.819′, 18°24.737′
Kasteelspoort SummitTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°58.339′, E 018°23.677'
Kloof Corner parking lotTable MountainParking lot on Tafelberg RoadS 33°56.856′, E 18°24.122′
Nursery Ravine / Contour PathTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°59.282′, E 018°25.313′305
Nursery Ravine / Smuts TrackTable MountainInformation hubS 33°58.992′, E 018°24.993′711
Nusery Buttress / Contour PathTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°59.282′, E 018°25.313′305
Overseer's HutTable MountainDrinking fountainS 33°59.491′, E 018°24.856′661
Rhodes Memorial parking lotTable Mountainparking lotS 33°57.168′, E 18°27.484′
Rycroft GateKirstenboschAccessS 33°59.543′, E 018°25.859′
Sarel Cilliers MonumentClanwilliamHistorical monumentS32° 10′ 49.67″, E18° 53′ 38.30″
Second Waterfall Ravine / Contour PathTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°57.447′, E 18°26.691′
Secret PoolBeaverlacRock poolS 32° 54.112′, E 19° 04.159′
Smuts Track / Concrete Road intersectionTable MountainSmuts Track intersection near Overseer's HutS 33°59.408′, E 018°24.859′671
StadsaalCentral CederbergRock artS 32°30.805′, E019°18.774′
Stadsaal entranceCentral CederbergRock formationsS 32°30.831′, E019°18.811′
Union Ravine / Contour Path intersectionTable MountainTrail intersectionS 33°57.339′, E 18°24.627′
Von Geusau ChocolatesGreytonChocolate boutique store in Greyton-34.051483, 19.607583S34°03′05″, E19°36′27″S34°03.089′, E19°36.455′
Beach House BackpackersWildernessAccommodationS 33°59.721′, E 22°33.948′
PomodoroWildernessRestaurantS 33°59.645′, E 22°34.528′
Map of AfricaWildernessViewpointS 33°59.577′, E 22°33.648′
ReceptionMatroosberg Private Nature ReserveReception-33.33012,19.61076
Ski HutMatroosberg Private Nature ReserveAccommodation-33.34628, 19.62399
Matroosberg PeakMatroosberg Private Nature ReservesummitS33°22.914′, E19°40.123′2259
Groothoek CanyonMatroosberg Private Nature ReserveViewpointS33°22.537′, E19°39.792′1937
MaalgatCederbergRock poolS 32°29.453′, E 019°16.315′
Bloupunt summitMontaguSummit-33.7695, 20.072033S 33°46.170′, E 20°04.322′1224
Silver Stream WaterfallMontaguWaterfallS 33°46.267′, E 20°05.437′
Klipspringer HutMontaguHut-33.782527, 20.101378
Myburgh's Waterfall RavineHout BayTrailheadS 34°00.578′, E 18°22.733′
Myburgh's Waterfall RavineHout Baybottom of ravineS 34°00.388′, E 18°22.770′
Llandudno Ravine staplesLlandudno RavinestaplesS 33°59.977′, E 18°21.271′
Hout Bay Corner / Contour PathHout Bay Cornertrail intersectionS 34°00.529′, E 18°21.274′
Devil's PeakTable MountainSummitS 33º57.279′, E 18º26.425′
King's BlockhouseDevil's Peakhistoric buildingS 33º57.028′, E 18º27.058′
Saucy DogTable Mountainrock formationS 33°58.711′, E 018°23.317'
India Venster / Contour PathTable MountainTrailheadS 33°57.081′, E 18°24.176′
Lower scrambleIndia—Venster RoutescrambleS 33°57.318′, E18°24.200′
Main ScrambleIndia—Venster RoutescrambleS 33°57.326′, E18°24.229′
Top scrambleIndia—Venster RoutescrambleS 33°57.347′, E18°24.231′
Contour Path / Kloof CornerTable MountainintersectionS33°56.950′, E18°23.942′
Contour PathTable Mountaintrig beaconS33°56.947′, E18°23.926′
Kloof Corner trailheadTable MountainchainsS33°56.953′, E18°23.953′
Kloof Corner ChimneyTable MountainchainsS33°57.323′, E18°24.084′
Angela's memorialConstantia NekmemorialS34°00.195′, E18°24.987′
TolhuisMitchell's Pass, Ceresrestaurant / historic building-33.39084, 19.28602
KassiesbaaiArnistonhistorical village-34.66553, 20.23180
DassiesfonteinCaledonfarmstall-34.2217, 19.296
Peregrine FarmstallGrabouwfarmstall-34.16394, 19.03480
DriehoekCederbergcampsiteS 32º26’35” E 19º11’24”
AlgeriaCederbergcampsite-32.374310, 19.059777
De BosMontagucampsite-33.78809, 20.11372
SanddrifCederbergcampsite-32.48813, 19.26884
DwarsrivierCederbergfarm / Sanddrif reception-32.50390, 19.25786
SanddrifCederbergweir-32.48804, 19.26757
Matjiesrivier graveyardCederberggraveyard-32.49926, 19.33351
Driehoek turnoffCederbergroad intersection-32.43239, 19.14668
N7 turnoff to AlgeriaCederbergroad intersection-32.36384, 18.93929
Uitkyk PassCederbergmountain pass-32.4084, 19.0849
KromrivierCederbergreception-32.53831, 19.28362
Ronnie's Sex ShopRoute 62roadside stop-33.77905, 20.93250
The GlebeKnysnastart Knysna Marathon-34.00484, 23.11875
Glebe DamKnysnadam-34.00996, 23.12389
Angie's G-SpotDe Vlugtrestaurant, accommodation-33.81357, 23.17541
Noordhoek BeachNoordhoekparking lotS34°05.896′, E18°21.463′
KakapoNoordhoek BeachshipwreckS34°07.423′, E18°20.927′
Lion's HeadCape Townsummit, trig beacon-33.935736, 18.388297
Newlands ForestNewlandsparking lot-33.97104, 18.44993
Silvermine WestSilvermineparking lot-34.07522, 18.40086
Silvermine ReservoirSilvermine Westreservoir-34.07526, 18.39883
Cape Point Nature Reservegate-34.26146, 18.45786
Main Road turnoff to Cape pointCape Pointroad intersection-34.25755, 18.45608
Cape Pointparking lot-34.2669, 18.4639
Buffels BayCape Pointparking lot-34.313600, 18.462339
Buffels Bay Tidal PoolCape Pointtidal pool-34.313320, 18.461970
Barrydaletown-33.90509, 20.71961
Kloof Nek Parking Lotparking lot-33.94296, 18.39549
SANParks Info Centreinfo centre-33.94310, 18.39592

With regards to coordinate notation styles: there are many different ways of expressing coordinates. I have pretty much just selected the format that I get when I save points on my Garmin Forerunner 910XT or gone to Google Maps, right-clicked at the location and selected “DropLatLng Marker“. If you require alternate formats, use an online conversion tool like this one:

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