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Gearing up for an overnight hike

So you are going on a two-day hike. Here is my guide to what you will need for your adventure. As I am a gear freak, I tend to pack fairly heavily.

Bottom of big descent on Day 2, Genadendal Hiking Trail

Genadendal Hiking Trail

I have provided for 2 full days out: some hikes are a bit shorter and you can drop the second tea break on the second day and possibly even the lunch. Gear-wise this is targeted for a Western Cape summer so is light on warm gear and does not include a tent.

Try to share as much as you can amongst your group: camp-stoves, condiments, toothpaste. Repackage, decant, and remove as much unnecessary packaging as possible. These Platypus SoftBottles are perfect for milk, and other more important beverages.

Research the area to work out how much water to carry. Water is heavy!

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