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Cadac is probably the best know brand name in gas cylinders and gas appliances.

The old gas cylinders had the key to adjust the gas flow. The new cylinders all have a knob to adjust the flame. The design of the collar has been updated as well and includes a cover to protect the valve.

Gas Cylinders & Cartridges

Comparison of gas cylinders.
CADACNo 73440.00395.00
CADACNo 105699.00
CADACGas Cartridge0.19029.00
CADACGas Cartridge0.50099.00

Cadac No. 7 3kg Gas cylinder

The Cadac 3kg Cylinder is coated with epoxy powder for rust protection, it features an external valve with fingertip control and a dust cover plug. It’s essential for any camping trip. The cylinder is suitable for cooker tops, lamps and heaters.

  • Holds 3kg of LPG, gas not included
  • Coated with epoxy powder for rust protection
  • External valve with fingertip control

Cadac No. 10 5kg Gas cylinder

I have an old No 10 cylinder with the old valve that takes the key.

Cadac 9kg Gas cylinder

The cylinder is suitable for cooker tops, lamps and heaters — it does not have the same valve as the smaller sized cylinders so will not fit your camping accessories.

Cadac logo

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