Garmin Forerunner 910XT

This update seems to deal with improvements to Elevation. I find this interesting as to be entirely honest I consider the altimeter so inaccurate that I totally ignore it. As usual, these instructions are specific to a Garmin Forerunner 910XT, and I am using a Windows laptop with Chrome.

Step 1: Garmin firmware update 2.7 notification
Step 1: firmware update 2.7 notification
  • This little “Post-It”-style notice appears top-right on you Garmin Connect Dashboard
  • You can see your current version, and the available update version
  • Click on “Get Started”

Step 2: Garmin firmware update device list
Step 2: firmware update device list
  • You are presented with a list of devices for which there are updates
  • Select the “Forerunner 910XT” link

Step 3: Garmin firmware update 2.6 terms
Step 3: firmware update 2.6 terms
  • Accept the doom-and-gloom Terms and Conditions by clicking » I agree to the above terms and want to proceed to the download page

Step 4: Garmin firmware update 2.6 instructions
Step 4: firmware update 2.6 instructions
  • There are links to check and to update your Garmin Communicator Plugin (should be Version: and your Garmin ANT Agent (should be 2.3.3).

Step 5: Garmin Communicator Plugin upgrade available
Step 5: Communicator Plugin upgrade available
  • The Garmin Communicator plugin will download CommunicatorPlugin_404.exe which you can double-click to install.

Step 6: Garmin Communicator Plugin upgrade installed
Step 6: Communicator Plugin upgrade installed
  • You are updated to Version:
  • Now return to the firmware update screen

Step 7: Garmin firmware update 2.6 device ready
Step 7: firmware update 2.6 device ready
  • Now click on Update Software
  • The instructions specify that your unit should be connected before you commence with the update.
  • As the next step clearly shows that the software is first downloaded to the ANT Agent on your computer, I am sure this actually is not necessary

Step 8: Garmin firmware update 2.6 downloading
Step 8: firmware update 2.6 downloading
  • Once you have clicked Update Software, you will see this progress bar

Step 9: Garmin firmware update 2.6 transfer completed
Step 9: firmware update 2.6 transfer completed
  • On completion of the download you will see this message

Step 10: Garmin firmware update 2.6 ANT progress
Step 10: Garmin firmware update 2.6 ANT progress
  • Now you can switch over to the ANT Agent

Garmin firmware update 2.6 transfer to unit
Firmware update 2.7 transfer to unit
  • This is what the unit looks like during data transfer

Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.70

  • Elevation improvements:
    • Improve total ascent/descent values.
    • Improvements to reduce elevation drift during an activity.
    • Improvements to reduce spurious changes in elevation.
    • Improve elevation auto-calibration at power up and between activities.
    • Improve elevation performance when GPS is turned off.
    • Improve elevation performance after swimming.
  • Foreign language corrections.
  • Changes to support manufacturing.

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