Garmin Forerunner 210: first impressions

The Garmin Forerunner 210 is a baby compared to some of the monsters I have had my hands on recently! By the end of my “first impressions” inspection it was clear to me however that for most runners this watch has all the essential functions in one great unit.

Garmin Forerunner 210
Garmin Forerunner 210

This is a classy looking unit. Whilst the bigger Forerunners like the 305 and the 910XT are bulky, this one sits sleekly on your wrist and will no doubt appeal to the ladies.

The test unit came with a Premium Heart-rate Strap, and of course the charging cable which is also the data transfer cable (similar to the 910XT).

The button layout is significantly different from the other Forerunners I have used (305 and 910XT). Once I had established that holding in the page / menu button accesses the menu I had no problems.

Set-up is a simple wizard-style process of answering questions by inputting your data and preferences: language, age, weight, height, units etc.

The unit paired faultlessly with my Garmin Foot Pod and the Heart-rate strap (it pairs with my old strap as well). This means cadence data plus the ability to train indoors with no satellite (something I still need to try).

I wanted to delete the existing data on the device.  It appeared that this had to be done track-by-track — and even then it did not appear to work. This is when I used the Garmin WebUpdater software to see if there were any updates available. There were, and not only was I then able to delete the tracks, but the options had been added to deleted ALL tracks at once. Perfect! A great example of how Garmin continues to add value to their products with updates.

R3000.00 @ Sportsman’s Warehouse

Disclosure: the unit is being loaned to me for one month by Garmin SA

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