Garmin Enters the Action Camera Market with VIRB

Garmin has entered the action camera market with the Garmin VIRB. The market has been dominated by GoPro to the extent that the brand name is now the genericized name (synonymous) for action cameras and action camera-type video footage.

I have wanted an action camera for quite some time now. With all the crazy GoPro footage on the interwebs it’s easy to think you will shoot the next YouTube sensation…

I suspect that the reality is that many of these videos look great because of the work done in editing, and that possibly some very fancy editing software is involved. The fact that for every great video are there are scores of rubbish ones seems to support this suspicion. However, you cannot deny the epicness of the above footage which captures the moment in all its spectacular drama!


Additionally there are a number of things that appeal to me about owning one, mainly: the top range cameras are all robust and waterproof and can be mounted and left running requiring no attention (or skills for that matter) from the user.

Of course part of the appeal of Garmin’s VIRB would be being able to overlay data from my Garmin over the footage, and this would appear to be their competitive edge with this newcomer.

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As DC points out: no Alana Blanchard in there…

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