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As if you don’t have enough profile pages already: Garmin now has a pretty neat profile page for your Garmin Connect profile.

To access your Profile Page, click on your name in the top right hand section of the page. If your Activity is Public, other users can access your Profile Page by clicking on your Username. This is naturally dependant on your settings:

  • you can set your entire Profile as Private / Public
  • you can set the default for new Activities to Private / Public
  • you can set individual Activities as Private / Public (over-riding your default)
  • there are a few more granular settings as well

You then get a pretty neat profile page with its own URL. Mine is:

Garmin Connect Profile breakdown

Garmin Connect Profile: picture
Profile picture
Your uploaded Profile picture.You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG image. Max file size: 2 MB.

Garmin Connect Profile: 12 month summary
12 month summary
Your Activity summary for the last 12 months.Clicking the labels in the key hides / shows those graph markers.

Garmin Connect Profile: Personal Records
Personal Records
Your PB’s. You can select these from an Activity, or on your Dashboard.If you upload a new Activity that potentially sets a new Personal Record, you are given the option of selecting it as the new Personal record.

Garmin Connect Profile: Details
Your Profile details.

Garmin Connect profile: Lifetime totals
Lifetime totals
Totals of all your uploaded Activities.

Garmin Connect Profile: Recent Activities
Recent Activities
Your most recent Activities in summary form.

There appears to be a small glitch on the site: when you view a Profile and attempt to change from the default Statute measurement view to the Metric view, an error is displayed. I have notified the Garmin Support Team and I am sure they will have it fixed in no time at all.


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