Garcia Pass

Th 11.8km long Garcia Pass is on the R323 road from Ladismith to Riversdale. The old route to reach Riversdale from Ladismith was long and tedious and locals required a more direct route to move goods to and from Mossel Bay to Ladismith.

Mr. A H Garcia plotted a route along the Kafferskuils River (now known by the more politically correct name: Goukou River) and by 1868 a bridal path route that had been constructed was regularly used by horsemen. In 1873 Thomas Bain was tasked with constructing a road along this route, which was completed in 1877.

Old Toll House, Garcia Pass
Old Toll House, Garcia Pass

An old Toll House was built at the northern end of Garcia Pass and operated until 1918, when Toll Gates were abolished. The Toll House was restored in 1986 and declared a National Monument. The road was tarred in 1963.

The pass is by no means spectacular in its height or design, but is characterised instead by sweeping curves through a low section of the Langeberg Mountains.

The start of Sleeping Beauty Hiking Trail is just north of the Toll House.


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