first Ascent Mens Vader Tee

I won a bright orange first Ascent Mens Vader Tee in the lucky-draw at the Namaqualand Flower Run 2010.

first Ascent Mens Vader Tee
Mens Vader Tee

The material seemed a bit thick at first, but it proved to be extremely comfortable and lightweight.

The sleeves are a little longer than is usual. At first I found this quite odd, but it now seems like a great idea for both adding a bit of extra protection from the sun, and giving you a more substantial area with which to wipe sweat from your forehead with!

The deep front zipper and the zippered back pocket add the details that make this a great performance item for any outdoor activity. The deep front zipper is hugely effective in regulating your body temperature by opening it fully to allow heat to escape.

My only complaint is that the zipper tab on the back pocket zipper is not the same as the one on the front zipper — it is too small and almost impossible to find to grip and open. The front one is perfect though! Go figure.

I now own 3 and use them for trail running, mountain biking and hiking.

R295.00 retail

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