Bumping around in the dark looking for a suitable stick to toast your marshmallows on is a royal pain if you don’t have kids to bribe into looking for you. Enter the FireFork.

Add the risk of selecting poisonous wood, and suddenly it doesn’t sound like much fun at all. But with this handy little gizmo, toasting marshmallows will never be the same again! Use it to grill marshmallows or just about anything else you can come up with.

The simple wire design attaches firmly to practically any stick. The curved points hold food firmly. We recently used our FireFork at Windmeulnek Hut on the first night of our 3 day Outeniqua Hiking Trail trip: we decided to carry heavy on the first day to enjoy a steak and red wine feast that night. The FireFork was just the thing to turn those juicy steaks on the braai grid!

R50.00 @ Sportsmans Warehouse

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