Elephants Eye abseil

I was invited by a friend to join in on an Easter walk up to Elephant’s Eye from the Tokai Arboretum. Take some time when you arrive to read the history of the arboretum on the plaque at the gate, and to read the informational board on Chacma baboons (which you stand a fair chance of meeting).

Getting there: Take the M3 towards Tokai. Take the Tokai Road off-ramp, and turn right under the M3 bridge. Follow Tokai Road all the way to the end, passing Tokai Forest picnic area, and turning left to the Arboretum when you reach the T-junction at the impressive Manor House.  Sign in at the thatch gate.

The path is clearly marked with signs bearing an elephant. Pay quick visit to the fire lookout post: the views of False Bay are spectacular.

It is a comfortable 90 minute walk up to the cave.

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