Diep Spore by Petrus Hanekom

Petrus Hanekom’s short book, “Diep Spore” (literally “deep tracks” or “deep footprints”), is the touching account of his life in the Cederberg, his love for the area, and a warning to us all that we need to do more to protect this (and other) unique wilderness area.

Diep Spore by Petrus Hanekom
Diep Spore by Petrus Hanekom

I heard about this book via Peter Slingsby. When I contacted Peter to ask him how I might get hold of a copy, he very kindly obtained an autographed one from Petrus on his next trip to the area.

On an overnight hike in the Cederberg I was deeply moved by the Clanwilliam Cedar trees that we saw. The living trees are beautiful, ancient souls — and the dead ones haunting skeletons that are a stark warning that this species is near extinction. I imagined at the time a project to remove some of the dead trees from the mountain to use their wood to make furniture to be sold to raise funds to help save the species from extinction. Petrus speaks of his hope for precisely such a project.

He also speaks passionately about the need to preserve the history of this area which is at risk of perishing as the tradition of storytelling slowly dwindles.

The book is published in 2012 by SilverSedge Books.

ISBN 9781920 590352

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