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Leader: Rod Prodgers
Date: Wednesday 01 September 2010
: in time to start running at 17h45 sharp
Location: Silvermine North

Route description: From the start we enter the reserve and take the River Trail, running along the river until we reach the first jeep track crossing; here we turn right on to the jeep track and head up to the mountain bikers’ parking area; now some more jeep track as far as the path going up the slope on to Steenberg Ridge for some easy running along the crest of the ridge, until we meet the PUFfeR route coming up from the reservoir; another right turn and a short downhill spurt brings us to a steep zig-zagging descent all the way down to Level 5 in Tokai Forest; from there it’s about 2 kays of fairly rocky jeep track, gently ascending to the main Silvermine access road, and then the last 1 500 m dash back to the start. Sunset is at 18h27.

Please remember to bring your WildCards!

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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