Constantia Corner

Another fantastic hike right on my doorstep, I have often walked right past this gem when walking from Constantia Nek. This route offers awesome views of False Bay, Orange Kloof, and Hout Bay.

Getting there: park your car at Constantia Nek [34°00.677′, 18°24.366′].

From the parking lot head up the tarred road leading to the mountain for 235 meters where you will find a set of stairs on the left leading from the jeep track up the mountain. After 430 meters on the stair machine, you will meet with the jeep track again. Go left along the road, which almost immediately goes around a hairpin and up to the right. You will turn left however and take the short road leading down into a cul-de-sac. On the far side of this the path leaves up the hill to the right. Walk up the hill to the little saddle, which is between Eagle’s Nest on your left, and Constantia  Corner itself on your right. When you reach the top of this little saddle, Orange Kloof will be in front and below, and the path splits. Take a right, and follow the trail as it curves up to the right through the stand of big proteas.

AT AT Imperial Walker
AT-AT Imperial Walker
Camel Rock, Constantia Corner, Table Mountain
Camel Rock

A few more minutes and you will go up a short wooden ladder, as you continue up the ridge with views of Hout Bay unfolding on your left, and Orange Kloof below. You will pass under a rock face, directly after this the path splits [34°00.293′, 18°24.262′]. Going straight will lead you to Agatha’s Gully — today you will head up to the right.

As you reach the top of the ridge, you will cross a flatter section of trail before passing through a gap in some rocks. You will then cross another level section before reaching a gap between an even larger set of rocks which are on Belle Ombre Peak. On either side of the path under these rocks are great sheltered spots to rest and shelter from the sun or rain. There are also stupendous views up the back of Table Mountain.

From here you walk down into a shallow valley before walking up the other side, which is Klaassenskop. In this valley you will see the fantastical Camel Rock. I think it looks more like an “Imperial AT-AT Walker” from the battle on Hoth in Star Wars.

Iron Bridge, Clayton's Road
Iron Bridge

From here the trail drops gently down the hill toward De Villiers Dam. Just before you reach the dam you will come to a path running parallel to the dam: take a right and walk the 20 meters to the concrete road, which here is called Clayton’s Road (the road from Constantia Nek) [33°59.603′, 18°24.778′] (if you need water, take a left and walk to the Overseer’s Cottage where you will find a tap). From here you can just follow the road back down to Constantia Nek, or adventure on up to the rest of the dams on the Back Table.

The road back down is a bit of a knee-breaker! You will come to the iron bridge [33°59.819′, 18°24.737′], shortly after which you will reach a hairpin bend. After about another 80 meters you will find a set of stairs on the right next to a small tree. Head on down these stairs until you meet up with the road again — you will see the stairs leaving the road again ahead of you, and that’s where you should head. These are the stairs you came up earlier at the start of your walk.

Table Mountain map


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