Our next Wild Coast hike, Kei Mouth to Gonubie, will include multiple river crossings. In preparation, we bought a couple of Coghlan’s Survival Bags. We tried to find large enough dry sacks, but the largest we could find would not take a 60L backpack.

I already have a collection of dry bags, however, we needed something to take our entire Deuter packs in the event that we have to swim one of the river crossings and are forced to float our packs. We will still use the smaller dry bags inside our backpacks for sleeping bags and other essential kit to be doubly safe.

The survival bags can be used as ground sheets or very basic bivvy sacks at a push.

3 mm Survival Bag

Material: 3 mm polyethylene
Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm
Weight: 255g

R139 @ Kloppers

By David

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