Chacma Baboons in the Tokai Arboretum

Some of the most special outdoor moments for me come about when I am blessed to be in the vicinity of wild animals: Bontebok in the Bontebok National Park, Himalayan Tahrs on Table Mountain (even if they are foreigners), and Chacma Baboons pretty much all over!

On a recent MTB ride from the Tokai Arboretum, I came across this troop out on their morning forage. One or two of the adults busied themselves with the logging equipment, and spent the whole time I was there trying to gain access to the truck. I waited for ages hoping the baboon with the earphones would put them on. Alas, he was more intent on eating them. The young baboon on the logs came right up close to me and reached for the camera, at which stage I retreated fearing that one of the adults would see me as a threat and attack.

I was definitely more nervous of them than they were of me!

The unfortunate fact that they allowed me to be so close is evidence of how this troop has become urbanised. In contrast, the troop I came across at Sanddrif in the Cederberg scattered before I could come within 200m of them.


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