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The Century City Canoe Club Tuesday Time-trials kicked off last night for the 2013 season. I work close-by, and have been meaning to go and check the club out, so used this as an opportunity to do so.

Century City Canoe Club logo

Website: www.centurycitycanoeclub.co.za
Facebook: Century City Canoe Club
Twitter: @CenturyCtyCanoe

The Club hosts a time-trial on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6, during the canoe season. All are welcome.

10 paddlers set off for a 10km urban paddle around the waterways of Century City. I paddled in my surfski, and some of the paddlers were kind enough to slow down to come alongside and clear the weed off my rudder. I really enjoyed the paddle; as much fun as ocean paddling can be, it is quite relaxing to be able to settle into a pace on the flat water and get into the zone. I will now have to look for a K1!

My Garmin track show my speed varying more than I would have imagined it would. I see some of the guys strap their Forerunners to their boats, and I wonder if this gives a smoother reading.

A big thanks to the friendly crew at the club for a warm welcome and a great paddle!

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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