Another beautiful walk right on my doorstep! I have never been keen on the Cecilia  Forest area as it gets quite busy — and mainly with people walking their dogs who clearly do not own pooper-scoopers!

Cecilia Waterfall
Cecilia Waterfall

Getting there: Park your car at Cecilia Forest on Rhodes Drive

Follow the main jeep-track up into the forest. Keep right — you are trying to get to the top corner of Kirstenbosch where you will pick up the sign-posted trail. You are looking for the trail sign-posted Rooikat Ravine. Follow the trail (mainly stairs going up). It takes you into the ravine, and then around Cecilia Ridge into Cecilia Ravine. Here you will find the impressive and beautiful Cecilia Waterfall.

From here continues around Spilhaus Ridge into Spilhaus Ravine where you will find a path going up to the Bridal Path — the jeep track that leads from Constantia Nek down to Kirstenbosch. Take a left down the hill, and follow the jeep trail back down toward Kirstenbosch.

Table Mountain map

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