Waterproof Trail Running Jackets: is there a solution?

After receiving a query asking for reccommendations with regards waterproof jackets for trail running, I thought I would put togther some of my thoughts on this matter .As you well know, many of the trail runs now require you to carry a waterproof jacket and not just a shell. The grounds for this requirement is that a shell will keep you warm enough whilst you are moving, it will not be enough to keep you warm should you have to stop for any reason, such as in the event of an injury.

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My FiveFingers Spyridon LS minimalist experience

I am a big fan of the idea of minimalist running. Yes: I read “Born to Run”. I have been wearing a pair of New Balance Minimus MT00’s for about 5 months as casual shoes, so my body has had some time to adapt to a more minimal shoe. More recently, I won a pair of Vibram FiveFingers’ latest trail model, the Spyridon, at Stanley’s Mountain Run 2012. I am no tree-hugging earth-child, and I have a pair of Merrell boots which will attest to the fact that when the going gets tough, I get tough back. However, there is something hugely satisfying in the feeling you get padding around in a pair of FiveFingers. It feels like you are holding the earth, not stomping all over it. I guess this is what primates must feel like when they scamper around in nature, and maybe I am connecting to that at a deep genetic level.

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Salomon XT Wings 5 Hydration Backpack

Trail run organisers are getting increasingly strict on the gear that runners must carry on trail runs. It’s pretty standard now to be required to carry some form of each of the following: liquid, food, wet-weather gear, medical kit, space blanket. Whilst my preference is to run with my Salomon Twin Belt, and my Camelbak Octane XC has served me well on many runs, neither are capable of carrying much gear at all. I bought a Salomon XT Wings 5 Hydration Backpack to increase my carrying capacity.

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