The Pick ‘n’ Pay Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon 2013

After the hugely disappointing but totally unavoidable cancellation of the 2012 Knysna Marathon, it will be interesting to see if there is a decrease in demand for this sold-out event. My feeling is the heavy rain experienced will have done nothing to dampen the spirits of the thousands of runners keen on participating in this iconic race which is celebrating it’s 30th year!

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CAPESTORM Red Hill 36.2 & 42.2km 2013

I bravely ran the 2012 Red Hill Marathon the weekend after Totalsports Terra Firma, and came apart after the Red Hill climb and descent! At that stage my theory was that if I was to be doing IronMan, running a quick marathon should be a regular occurrence. Clearly lack of recovery got the better of me! The sections along the coast are stunningly beautiful as well as very runnable — the slightly boring Cape Point-direction out-and-back leg and the challenging Red Hill adding some teeth to the course.

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