CAPESTORM UV Arm Protectors

I recently won a CAPESTORM competition and the prize was R2000’s worth of CAPESTORM gear! This pair of CAPESTORM UV Arm Protectors was one of the items I chose, along with Men’s Tech Longs, Ladies’ Disa Shirt and Men’s Congo Short Sleeve.

CAPESTORM UV Arm ProtectorsI have a pair of black New Balance arm warmers which I often wear on my MTB or whilst running. I wanted a white pair so that I can wear them in warmer weather to protect my arms from the sun, and also to see if wetting them in extreme heat will help keep me cool.

The trick with these sleeves if that the top of the tube does not chafe under your armpit — the stitching of the seam and the gripper elastic must be extremely comfortable in this area. It helps to rotate the sleeve slightly so that the main seam running up the entire sleeve is not sitting between your arm and body.

  • moisture wicking fabric
  • gripper elastic
  • UPF 50+
  • sizes XS to XL

I have taken a few runs wearing them, but have yet to test the wet / cooling theory…



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