CAPESTORM Monsoon Jacket

I invested in a fully waterproof, breathable CAPESTORM Monsoon Jacket for the notoriously wet Cape Town winter. So far it has been great in some pretty miserable, wet windy weather. As the future of the CAPESTORM brand is currently uncertain, if I were looking for a jacket to replace this one, my money would be on the very sexy looking first Ascent Summit Jacket. In fact I am desperately trying to justify buying one regardless…


I don’t have anything to compare this jacket to right now, but so far my experience of it has been great. It  does just as well in extremely windy, rainy weather on Table Mountain as it does in the snow on Matroosberg Peak, and with all the zips done up and the fasteners in place on the hood and sleeves, it has kept me warm, dry, and wind-proof.

The jacket has the following features which you should consider in any jacket:

  • Overall size: it is comfortably cut so that it fits easily over other layers you may be wearing
  • Length: it has a generous cut lengthwise reaching well past your belt-line
  • Sleeves: it has good, long length sleeves that have velcro fasteners to adjust the fit of the cuff so that you can retain or release heat
  • Neck: the neck closes up is nice and high and has a comfortable tab inside to protect you face and neck from the zipper
  • Hood: the hood rolls up and is kept in place with a velcro fastener strap so that it forms a high collar; a peak to keep rain out of your face; drawstrings that adjust the fit around your face
  • Hem: the bottom of the jacket also has drawstrings, making it possible to keep the jacket draught free
  • Pockets: it has two zippered pockets
  • Closure: the front zip has a double, velcro fastening baffle

The velcro cuff fasteners on the sleeves are rubberised and the zipper tabs all have large grab tabs meaning you can adjust them whilst wearing gloves — vital when you are in inclement weather!

I do wish it had a map pocket: an interior or exterior pocket in the chest area: the pockets are under the waist straps of my pack, and therefore not really easily accessible.




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