Ascending Matroosberg Peak

The CAPESTORM Helium Jacket  is an ultra-light shell that tucks into its own zippered pocket making it a trail-running must-have in the unpredictable Cape weather!

Ascending Matroosberg Peak
Ascending Matroosberg Peak

I have had my black Helium Jacket for over a year now, and it has been invaluable in many hiking, trail running and climbing adventures, always tucked away in a pack to be used as a light weather-proof layer. Please note that this jacket is not waterproof. It is a great solution for cooler, damp weather when worn layered over a light fleece, like a CAPESTORM Puffadder. In fact, layered effectively it even worked wonders in near-zero temperatures whilst ascending Matroosberg Peak in the snow!

I see that some of the new shells come with hoods. I don’t like this idea (especially for running) as a hood impairs your peripheral vision as well as you hearing which puts you at risk by limiting your awareness of what is happening around you. A good peak cap will do the job of a hood in keeping your head warm and dry-ish and will do a better job of keeping rain out of your face.


  • deep front zipper
  • elasticized cuffs
  • shock-corded hem
  • self-stowing zip pocket on the back (moved to the chest on the new version)

Since purchasing mine this item has been slightly updated: there are now new colours available, and the self-stowing zip pocket has been moved from the back to the chest. More about this essential top on the CAPESTORM site.

Scary to see that when I published this post in May, 2011, it was priced at R399.00!


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