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As spoilt as we are,  living with Table Mountain on our doorstep, it is unsafe to venture on the mountain alone, and many trail runners (especially the ladies) are prevented from enjoying the endless kilometers of world-class trail on offer. Fortunately the trail running community has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Not only do we have a fledgeling trail running association in the Western Cape, but we have a number of active trail running groups providing the opportunity for anyone who is moderately fit to join an organised run.

You are free to join in on any of these runs, but please extend the courtesy of abiding by the guidelines that are set out by each in their newsletters: they are for the safety of yourself and the other runners, and are intended to ensure that the community is able to continue to enjoy running on the mountains. Not only will this ensure that you get to enjoy endless opportunities for running all year round, but it means getting to benefit from the wisdom of the most experienced mountain goats to be found anywhere!

Join any of the following email lists to be kept up-to-date on a weekly basis as to what is happening on the trail running front. The emails include details of planned runs, upcoming events, and other useful information.

Celtics Thursday Trail Runs

These are road runners gone trail! This group runs every Thursday at 18h00 in summer and 17h45 in winter. Routes are run in rotation, starting from the following locations: Constantia Nek, Newlands Forest, Kloof Nek.


The Cape Runners Against Gravity run every Wednesday. Routes are run in rotation similar in fashion to Celtics, but slightly more varied. These are the real mountain goats and here you will meet the some of the more colorful characters on the scene, including everyone’s favourite Trail Running CEO.


The only actual trail running club, meaning you can join and get licenced for when you need to run on the t*r.

acsis VOB Trail

Organised trail runs on weekends, frequently covering longer distances. Often offer options focused on covering routes for specific events, such as sections of the Table Mountain Challenge or PUFfeR.

New Balance Wednesday Trail Run

Meet at the Arboretum Tokai car park. Registration happens at 17h30 and the run starts 17h45 sharp. Please bring a headlamp, appropriate clothing and a good dose of humor.

Cost: R10 covers cost of Security guard to watch over cars, PLUS a FREE Coke and / or Hot chocolate.

Below are Garmin Courses for some of the routes run on rotation by the Thursday Celtic Trail group.

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