Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ Stove

Please do NOT purchase this brand! There is no after-sales support or service available from either the retailer or the agent! I now use an MSR WhisperLite™ Stove.

The Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ is the cooking fitting for the Campingaz system. At 225g it is light enough to take hiking.

Twister Plus PZ
Twister Plus PZ

This little unit is well thought out, and includes little details like a heat-shield to prevent the knob from getting too hot or melting. The overall feel is strong and sturdy, even though it only weighs in at 225g. The cylinder can be removed for packing or use of another accessory while it still contains gas (unlike systems which require you to puncture the gas cylinder).

It features the Campingaz Easy Clic Plus connection which makes connecting to the cylinder a one-click connection every time. Please make certain you buy the cylinders with the valve connection as the unit will not work on the pierceable canisters!

The piezo ignition means that you don’t have to scratch around for matches of a lighter: you simply twist the gas valve knob open and click the button. You can even do this with one hand. Unfortunately, after not much use, the piezo no longer works on my unit, so again: I can’t recommend this item!

The butane and propane gas mix works well, and I have had no trouble using it at the summit of Matroosberg Peak at an altitude of 2200m in almost zero degree temperature (more about performance here).

A good friend who owns one of these has experienced identical issues with his brand new unit.

I have retired this item in favour of an MSR WhisperLite™ Stove.

R429.99 @ Cristy Sports
R450.00 @ Cape Union Mart


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