Campingaz Lumostar® Plus PZ

Please do NOT purchase this brand! There is no after-sales support or service available from either the retailer or the agent!

The Campingaz Lumostar® Plus PZ is the lamp fitting for the Campingaz system.

Campingaz Lumostar Plus PZ
Lumostar Plus PZ

The Campingaz system has a number of features that make it really easy and convenient to use.

The piezo ignition means that by simply clicking the red button, you can ignite the lamp. No matches necessary! In fact, you can light the lamp with one hand.

The Easy Clic® Plus connection, in combination with the valve on the cylinder, allows you to detach the lamp so that you can use the cylinder with another fitting, or to stow the lamp, while the cylinder still contains gas (you cannot do that for the system with the pierceable cylinder).

The lamp has a handy chain that clips on to it, allowing you to hang the lamp, thereby keeping it out the way and allowing for maximum illumination.

The lamp uses mantles in the same fashion as a standard Cadac lamp (though they are smaller, and not interchangeable). I do find these fairly irritating to use, especially seeing as they do not seem to survive being transported once they have been installed and used in the lamp.

I have found this set-up to be the best campsite light yet!

My only complaint is that I have unfortunately broken the lamp glass, and I have been unable to find a replacement. Once again: a lemon to Cape Union Mart for supplying goods but then not being able to back them up with after-sales!

Use with a Campingaz CV 270 Plus Gas cartridge and a Campingaz mantle.


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