Cadac No.10 Flat Pot

I have long wanted to try my hand at campfire cooking — I specifically would like to make pot-bread! There is so much more to cooking outdoors than a simple braai!

Cadac No.10 Flat pot
Cadac No.10 Flat pot

This heavy-duty cast-iron pot weighs in at a hefty 5.7kg, and has a capacity of 3.3L. It has a thick wire handle, and the lid has a special deep rim so you can pile coals on top of it without them rolling off. The lid is not terrible easy to lift as it is heavy and naturally becomes quite hot after some time on the coals: get one of these Wooden Potjie Lid Handles to make it easier.

Not only is it perfect for the campfire, but I have used also used it at home on the stove to make curry as it is perfect for dishes that need a long, slow cooking time.

I have since bought a Cadac Bread Pot specifically for making bread on the coals.

More on the Cadac site.

R259.00 at Builders Warehouse

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