Cadac Bread Pot

After great success with my Cadac No. 10 Flat Pot, I bought a Cadac Bread Pot. The TV show “The Ultimate Braai Master” with Justin Bonello showcases some creative camp-fire cooking, and I am keen to try some more adventurous meals.


The No. 10 is pretty large, so I decided to try out this loaf-sized pot.

  • Weight: 3.6 kilograms
  • Capacity 2.8 litres
  • Thick wire handle for easy handling
  • Gutter on lid can be used for coals

I find it interesting that on the Cadac site that in addition to the above, they list the following three features:

  1. “Ideal for potjiekos, stews, dumplings or even baking home-made breads”: considering they have named it a “Bread Pot” you would think they would put that first in the list, plus, quite frankly this is for a number of reasons quite the wrong pot for potjiekos
  2. “Easy to clean Matt wax coating”. Hold on: didn’t the pot come with detailed description on how to remove the wax coating as it was simply to keep it from rusting on the store shelf?
  3. “Rust proof, non-stick cast iron pot”. Again: the included instructions specifically instruct you on how to clean and then oil the pot before storing it to prevent it from rusting!
Seasoning Cadac Bread Pot

Ignore the above advice if you come across it, and follow the instructions that come with the pot. I seasoned mine on a weekend camping trip to Bontebok National Park. It was not as much trouble I had thought it would be; you simply need time around the campfire to complete the task. Make sure the beer cooler is close at hand and you will be just fine!

Don’t forget that the wire handle gets super-hot and you will need a cloth or glove to handle it.

R189.95 @ Sportsmans Warehouse

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