Jaffle Iron

I came across some hikers up near the top of Kloof Corner, taking a break and making “jaffles” on their camp-stove. Serious food envy!

A “jaffle”, if you don’t know, is a toasted sandwich made in an iron that seals the edges, making a toasted “bread pie” of sorts. It is, as one can easily imagine, considered an Australian invention, but is well-known to South Africans as well.

There are two models: a square one and I circular one (like the one I grew up knowing). They can be used on a gas stove, or on open coals, making them very versatile.

I bought the square one, and tried it out on my last Beaverlac weekend:

Absolute fail! It is too big, meaning that the bread doesn’t overlap the edges of the two halves, and so the “sandwich” does not get sealed, and all the cheese oozed out and burned against the metal.

I have since bought the round one, and it works like a dream!

A “jaffle iron” is a closed metal skillet as such: it consists of two hinged halves. You place two slices of bread with a filling in-between on the one half, close the two halves together, and place it on your heat source. Butter the outside of the two slices of bread to stop them from sticking to the metal, and of course to give them a golden brown, flavorful crust.

Fillings start at cheese and tomato, and end the same place as your imagination. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, and the kids will love them! In the photo you can see a deluxe version with Heinz Tinned Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast and plenty of cheddar.

R139.95 @ Sportsmans Warehouse
R159.00 @ Builder’s Warehouse

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