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I carry a pretty random assortment of first aid items in two bags, one in my car, and the other in my backpack when hiking. Included in both are Burnshield burn dressings, described as “Sterile Trauma Hydrogel Burn Dressings”.

Burnshield burn dressing 10cmI learned about Burnshield burn dressings at a First Aid course I attended a while back. To-date I have used one when Leanne sustained nasty friction burns from a rope when trying to box a horse for transport.

For immediate use on burns and scalds. Burnshield® blanket and dressing features are:

  • Sterile
  • Protection against infection
  • Minimises trauma and skin damage
  • Pain relief
  • Promotes healing
  • Moistens cools and soothes
  • Non-adherent and easy to remove
  • Elastic and able to stretch and flex

They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 10cm x 10cm pads to 1m x 2m dressings! I keep a range of the smaller sizes handy. For a burn on a finger or hand, you can simply open the packaging and insert the burnt limb. For a burn on a larger limb, remove the dressing and bandage it against the burn area.


By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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