Castle Rock, Brenton-on-Sea

This walk follows the gentle curve of the coast between Buffalo Bay and Brenton-on-Sea.

Getting there: the turn-off [-34.031570, 22.940077] to Buffalo Bay on the N2 is in the valley of the Goukamma River, midway between Sedgefield and Knysna (almost exactly 10km each way). Drive 9km down this road to park in the parking lot at the main beach; when you arrive at Buffalo Bay you will stop at a stop street and be faced with a no entry sign, forcing you to turn left into Grysbok Street, and left into Sand Street before the supermarket. The parking lot is on your right.
GPS Coordinates: -34.086116, 22.973652
Distance: 5.2km each way
Difficulty: easy walking on hard-packed sand (at low-tide)

This is an easy walk along a beautiful sandy beach with tall sand-dunes on your left and the ocean to your right. We first completed this as a full-moon walk on a brisk autumn night, taking advantage of the hard-packed sand at spring low tide.

You could of course do this in either direction, or do it as a return effort: finishing at Brenton-on-Sea offers the opportunity to enjoy the hotel there for a meal or just a drink, while Buffalo Bay a swim at the safe beach and drinks or a meal at the deck. Both ends offer fresh water taps for drinking, beach showers and public ablutions.

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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