We were lucky enough to visit the KykNET Outdoor Expo and got to saw some pretty cool outdoor stuff. This set of Braai-Jacks “clip on feet for braai grids” were being demo’ed by the manufacturers.


These metal legs clip simply onto your braai grid allowing it to stand above the ground over the coals without having to balance the grid precariously on assorted stones and or half-bricks.

“But you already have a Bri-pod that does that even more effectively, so why buy these” you ask? OK so I swear by my Bri-pod, and unless size / space becomes an issue they will still be my weapon of choice for braai’ing. However, not only can the Braai-Jacks perform the same role as the Bri-pod, they can be used in many other clever ways:

  • place your grid on its side next to the fire, ideal for ribs, spatchcock chickens and more (more here…)
  • use them on your Weber grill to stand your chops on end to grill the fat, or use to cook your “Beer Bird” chicken (more here…)

We bought our set of 8 for R150 at the KykNET Outdoor Expo.


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